Haritomedia – effective communication across all media

Marketing Communication

– Concept development
– Online-offline strategy
– Advertising campaigns
– Knowledge management
– Intranet & collaboration
– Social media
– SEO, tracking & monitoring
– Multichannel communication

We know how to make your communication speak to your customer – across all channels


Communication Design

– Art direction
– Creative implementation
– Corporate design, annual reports
– Web design, blogs, email marketing
– Web systems, Intranet
– Mobile APPS
– User interface design
– Usability design
– Information architecture

Strategy informs where the company is going, design informs how it gets there.



Content & Media Creation

– Content development
– Copy writing & editorial
– Films & media
– Concept & movie scripts
– Science films
– Corporate films
– Tutorials

We can tell your story!


New Technology Consulting

Companies face the challenge of defining their requirements for data management, online collaboration, and knowledge management. Success in corporate governance increasingly relies upon  knowledge and understanding of communication and collaboration technologies. 

We deliver a clear requirement briefing in accordance with your defined business objectives and cost to benefit considerations; and provide consulting support for implementation. A typical process includes:

  • Analysis & assessment
  • Definition of technical & economic demands
  • Definition of workflows, departments & user roles, rights management, data management
  • Definition of scope and compatibilities
  • Sustainability considerations  and maintenance
  • Information architecture ans schema design including usability
  • Project consultancy/management
  • Training and support for users

The Dialogue With Your Customers

Your Online Strategy


Your branded business website

Demonstrate credibility for your products and services with our ‘brand business website’ offerings.

News/Blog – Keep your audience updated with your latest-and-greatest.
SEO consulting – Monitor visits/visitors gaining powerful marketing insights.


eMail Newsletters

Your newsletter email list is a customer lifeline when you have something important to say or when you are ready to sell. Well crafted ‘permission marketing’ is a powerful tool to engage your customers.

social media marketing

Social media presence

We provide coaching for developing your social media (SoMe) strategy and help you get started on platforms relevant for your business:

  • how to use a certain platform, the do’s and don’ts and the codex
  • build a SoMe strategy; utilizing SoMe within your marketing strategy
  • how to use SoMe for gaining online presence, SEO, statistics, and reaching better customer understanding


Why you need a user friendly intranet:

Your Intranet Strategy: Shape Corporate Culture & Promote Knowledge Management

The intranet functions as the central communication and interaction platform for a company
– the intranet is ‘your’ daily interdepartmental working platform.

We provide coaching on why and how to use and develop a user friendly intranet:

  • Collaborate more effectively
  • Knowledge Management to enhance informed decisions
  • Centralized and departmental information sharing/notification, horizontal and vertical
  • Establishing Corporate Culture: personnel bonding
  • Custom ‘Live’ Search: capabilities for specific departments/subject areas
  • Efficiency: due to clear and organized workflows
  • Workflow: designed to match your ‘real world’ company organization
  • A central Document Management System (DMS), versioning/history/document life cycle
  • Stay productive anywhere – home-office, conferences, travel etc.
  • Rights Management: for departments responsible positions, working groups etc.
  • Security: Access limited, based on your organizational needs

Fostering The Internal Dialogue.

Media – Films

Tell your story!

People share films/videos with friends more than any other content. We conceptualize, script, design and produce:

  • Movie development
  • Documentaries
  • Science movies
  • Educational films
  • Tutorials
  • Training films
  • Films for special events

For the National Academy of Sciences

A one minute teaser

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a movie is a goldmine of expression” John P. Reisman

Interaction Design

The elephant in the room… that nobody notices

Interaction design relates to enhancing usability by studying how individuals interact with computer based interfaces. We analyze user needs and your business goals in relation to the science behind interaction design to build more effective system architecture with the following considerations to enhance engagement:

  • Goals of your target users, understand the goals of a user
  • Scenarios that support your users in meeting their goals
  • Scenarios focused on your business objectives

Some Companies We’ve Worked With

We’ve had the pleasure to work together with some remarkable brands.




ArThemis Art-Law Centre University of Geneva



4teamwork GmbH, Bern


National Academy of Sciences